Behind the scenes of Facebook

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Published: 5/NaN/2019

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9789044640069

In his book Behind the scenes of Facebook Sharrel de Charon’s gives us a look behind the scenes of Facebook when he worked there as a moderator. He shows the madness and destruction that tech companies bring about. While not being held accountable for this in any way. Democratic values are being eroded all over the world. And these companies determine what you will or will not see. Usually based on hypocritical conservative American norms and values. US government guidelines are followed about who is or isn’t a terrorist. And the moderators have no idea what happens when they report someone.

Rule number 1

The most important rule is that the image of Facebook is not affected. There is no compassion for the moderators, who have to check the filth that is posted by users on Facebook every day. This work is outsourced to companies that employ their staff as cheap as possible. They find their employees In low-wage countries or people who cannot find a good job in Western-Europe.


Without proper training or psychological support, these moderators are flooded with the worst that humanity has to offer. Such as murder, racism and endless abuse. The moderators have to sort it out based on a complicated classification system. Which changes every two weeks. As compensation, the moderators receive a few euros per hour. While Facebook raises many billions per year and pays very little taxes.


By building smart ‘triggers’ in their software, people become addicted to Facebook. And also to the constant validation of friends, family and colleagues. Facebook doesn’t care that this causes mental health issues for many people. Or what the long-term consequences for society is, as long as Facebook keeps making money.

Gloomy Future

Fortunately a trend is emerging that governments want to put a stop to these gigantic tech companies. If this does not happen, I see a gloomy future. Behind the scenes of Facebook is a good book, because it shows what we actually suspected. But it is depressing that these technological developments are mainly used to earn money. Regardless of the consequences.


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